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League Dead! Never Opening! RIP :(


    Depth Chart Format


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    Depth Chart Format

    Post by Admin on Wed May 11, 2016 2:25 am

    After every TC, prior to Sim 1, a GM is REQUIRED to create a thread on this board with their Depth Chart. Failure to do so could be potential grounds for dismissal. Furthermore, only changes to Depth Charts and questions concerning Depth Charts can be posted on your Depth Chart thread, no need to post "same" after a sim.

    Please post your DCs in this format. THERE ARE NO CPU DCs ALLOWED:

    C: Player / Player / Player
    PF: Player / Player / Player
    SF: Player / Player / Player
    SG: Player / Player / Player
    PG: Player (must be listed at PG on your roster) / Player / Player

    IR: Up to 3 players (12 players on active roster, any excess requires an IR)

    Options: 1) Player, 2) Player (must be a different player), 3) Player (must be a different player)

    Pace: (Very Slow or Slow or Normal or Fast or Very Fast)
    Trap: (Never or Sometimes or Normal or Often or Always)
    Press: (Never or Sometimes or Normal or Often or Always)
    Focus: (Inside or Outside or Balanced)

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